For LiDAR scanning solution Polygon Mirrors and Motors

For LiDAR scanning solution Polygon Mirrors and Motors

For LiDAR scanning solution
Polygon Mirrors and Motors


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Prologue: About US

Nidec Copal Electronics is the No.1 global supplier of Polygon mirrors and scanner motors.

Chapter 1: Evolution of LiDAR scanning

Learn about optimizing of the use of LiDAR for avoiding collisions that is critical to autonomous driving.

Chapter 2: Alternative technology

Compare and verify the superiority and inferiority of POLYGON and GALVO in LiDAR, and study on MEMS LiDAR, a solid-state technology.

Chapter 3: Our advatage

The reliability of our POLYGONs has been proven by custom flexibility and mass production experience in other industries.

Chapter 4: Various sensors for autonomous driving

Several types of sensors such as cameras, millimeter-wave radars and LiDAR, etc are used in autonomous vehicles, as a so-called "Sensors Fusion".

Chapter 5: What is LiDAR?

LiDAR is an optical sensor technology that detects the positions and properties of objects by irradiating the objects while scanning the laser beam.

Chapter 6: POLYGON recommended for LiDAR

POLYGON is an ideal LiDAR scanning solution for resolution, repeatability, scan angle and so on, particularly for long-distance detection.

Chapter 7: Reflectivity

By excellent cutting technology and multi-layer di-electric coating, our polygon mirrors boast reflectivity levels equivalent if not better than gold-plated.

Chapter 8: POLYGON lineup for LiDAR (for trial)

Offer three types of polygon laser scanners for trial LiDAR. Complete sampling to match the wavelengths used mainly in LiDAR, and help you shorten your product development time.

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