By using a trimmer, switch, system equipment, pressure sensor, actuator, and mainly industrial equipment for the market of electronic components and modules develops, manufactures and sells.

Primarily for industrial markets, Switches, Trimmer potentiometers, Attenuators, Mixed signal devices, Protectors, Current sensor, Ratching relays, and more.

Used in communication devices (mobile and PHS communication base stations), broadcasting equipment, measuring equipment, medical equipment, FA equipment, appliances, power equipment, security surveillance cameras, alarms, CCTV systems, OA equipment, amusement, electric tools, housing construction, general industrial equipment.


To convert electrical signals and detect pressure of liquids, gases and pressure sensor in the main, expand the variety of sensor.

Used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, pneumatic equipment, factory automation equipment, measuring equipment, medical equipment, etc.


Motor business to the stepper motor and brushless motor
Expand the actuators business to heart.

Used amusement equipment, industrial equipment, Office automation equipment, MFP, copier, laser printer, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc.


Use our product planning and sales network, Joystick encoders, Rotary encoders, potentiometers, Brushless DC fans etc.
Vendor sales.

Used medical equipment, construction equipment, power equipment, financial instruments, industrial equipment, etc.