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New Product Lineup Announcement:
Pressure Sensors "PA-920S/928S series"

We would like to thank you for your continued support and patronage.

We are pleased to announce that "PA-920S/928S series" joined our pressure sensors lineup starting December of this year.


This products can be used for in-line, gas box etc of gas supply system of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, it was developed as pressure sensors which can measure pressure with high accuracy. Small and lightweight realized by unique housing design and circuit design.

The pressure sensitive element uses a SUS 316L double melt material to form a thin film type semiconductor element.

As a main target market, it is suitable for gas supply systems such as CVD equipments and etching equipments.


(1) Ideal for compact, integrated type/inline type

(2) Product shape is I type/T type, output is 2 types, fittings are 6 types

(3) Mounting by connector for an easy wiring

(4) The sensor element and the joint are welded



Rated pressure range 0~0.5 MPa, -0.1~0.5 MPa, 0~1 MPa, -0.1~1 MPa
Operating temp. -20~70 °C
Storage temp. range -20~80 °C
Compensated temp. range 0~50 °C
Operating Voltage PA-920S: 12~24VDC±10% (Voltage output)
PA-928S: 24VDC±10% (Current output)
Analog output 1~5 V DC (PA-920S), 4~20 mA (PA-928S)
Linearity /Hysteresis ±1 % F.S.
Thermal error ±0.01 % F.S./°C
Pressure port 1.125" W-Seal, 1.125" C-Seal, Straight Fitting UJR, Straight Fitting VC male/female(9/16-18UNF), T-Fitting VC(9/16-18UNF)
Net weight / Outline Approx. 90 g~130 g,  φ 20 × 66~ 92.2 mm (fitting shape by)
Cable Sold separately

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